Frequently Asked Questions

Important Notice to Members: The Pill Squad initiative is available to members on the Core Saver, Traditional, Comprehensive and Plus Plans only. Members on the Essential or Basic Plans can access their contraceptive benefits by utilising their network pharmacy.

What is required if I want to register with Pillsquad?

To process a claim for a hormonal contraceptive (“Pill”), we need the doctor’s script to be uploaded on the Bankmed Pillsquad platform. (Bankmed will check the validity of the prescription and load the repeats on the system).

How often will I get my Pill / refill?

A claim will be submitted every 25 days to allow for the 48-hour delivery time. A one month’s supply, or up to two months’ supply per claim, can be delivered.

Where will Bankmed deliver my Pill?

Your order will be delivered via courier to the designated address you entered when capturing your delivery address details on the Pillsquad website.

How much will Bankmed pay when they receive the claim?

The claim will be paid at the Scheme Medicine Rate. You will not be charged for logistics/delivery fees. Please note that Bankmed will only cover prescribed hormonal contraceptives as per your chosen Plan benefits.

How many months of medication can I get with a single claim?

A maximum of two month’s supply can be provided at a time.

What happens if my claim is rejected by Bankmed?

A claim will only be rejected if your contraceptive benefit has been exhausted for the year. Bankmed will call you within 60 minutes to confirm whether you wish to make a payment using your credit card / EFT.

Will I ever have to pay a co-payment?

You may incur a co-payment if your chosen/prescribed contraceptive costs are in excess of the Scheme Medicine Rate. If there are more cost-effective generics of your particular Pill, you will be advised about these. You may choose to use a generic should you wish to do so. By doing so, you can avoid a co-payment.

What happens if my delivery is late?

Parcels are delivered from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00. There are no deliveries on weekends and public holidays.

There may be instances when deliveries are late. Bankmed will investigate these late deliveries on a case-by-case basis. Should an order be delayed, you will be contacted telephonically to notify you of the late delivery. With this in mind, we ask that you upload your script and place your order timeously in order to avoid potential delays.

What to do when damaged packaging arrives?

Damage packaging may occur through potential mishandling within the supply chain process (courier, etc.). To prevent any damage, we pack the medication in a protective box. Please contact Bankmed if you have received damaged Pill packaging.

Will my parcel content be discreet/confidential on arrival?

Yes. Bankmed will courier your medication in an unmarked flyer bag. Medication is further packaged in a brown box without branding.

Are refills automated or do I have to order them?

Bankmed’s system is automated to ensure that your claim is processed and Pill delivered as soon as Bankmed allows (refills maximum 23 days). A refill request would only need to be sent should you require.

Courier services are only available from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00. Courier services are not available on weekends and public holidays.